Friday, 13 July 2012

Family mini book

Well now, I had even sent this photo to my blog ready to write about and somehow completely forgot to get it posted! What am I like? Anyway, this was June's monthly project. I have to say thanks to Edna over on because when I was having a mosey around her pages I came across this idea. I had done the fold before but had kinda forgotten about it. These gorgeous papers had just come into the shop and I knew I wanted to use them so the idea of a family mini book came about. The wee pages can be removed and photos added. I think the neutral colours leave a book suitable for either vintage or modern photos. Edna has written a tutorial for this concept so head on over to her blog and have a look. You can admire her fantastic cards while you're there. Oh to be half as good at colouring in...
Be back soon with some more catch up cards, lol

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