Friday, 12 July 2013

Night light

Ooh, I've had this idea in my head for such a while now, just struggling to get out, but either I didn't have the materials or the subject didn't suit it, well Barkley is just perfect.! 

What did I do? I printed four of the fabric companions onto printable vellum paper using the best print setting. Now I've used the Christmas CD but I could just as easily have used everyday. Next I embossed some card I'd cut,to use as frames, with the floral vine embossing folder.
 Now if I were doing it again I would spray them with my spray 'n' sparkle at this stage. I didn't until I had the frames constructed and I didn't get as good coverage as I would have liked. 

So I made four frames to fit over the images, just as if they were frame cards form previous CDs. I added ribbon to two of them as I made them so I would be able to hang it up. Next I stuck three of the frames together to form 3 sides of a box. Before adding the final side I measured the space that was going to be left in the base and made a shelf which I stuck in to set my tea light on and also to stabilise the construction. I also made a little holder for the tea light so it wouldn't slide about inside the lantern. After attaching the final side I made a little flap to enclose the top of the lantern and added some strung beading and little embellishments.. Now don't worry about that tea light, I've used one of the battery operated variety so it's completely safe. 
Hope you enjoyed today's make and if you want any more info or a step out please let me know!


  1. This is gorgeous Joy, I love it to bits! Would look wonderful in a childs bedroom at Christmas!
    Debbie xxx