Sunday, 16 June 2013

This one took me a whole day!!

Now we come to one of my absolutely favourite pages. I've used an envelope to create my pocket for the card and decorated it with some of the gorgeous sparkly gems and pearls. At the bottom I decided to thread the velvet ribbon thought the little eyelet holes in the lace. I love how it turned out.
Inside is the card which took the best part of a day to create but I couldn't stop playing with it once it was done. I've made a never-ending card and used lots and lots of the different sized toppers and a variety of peppers from the CD to the orate each "page.
When I first looker at one page of the toppers with small "inchies" I wondered what on earth they could be used for. Then when I hit on the idea of  this card they were just perfec.
As far as I remember the card was 5" square. Lol
I tried to use images from each season. 

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