Saturday, 10 March 2012

A tisket a tasket...

Well not quiet a green and yellow basket but almost. I must say I had planned something completely different than this for Tuesday evening class, but when I came across the idea I was a complete basket case. I've made 8 so far and all those papers I've been hoarding? What a great way to use them up!
On the other hand I always fear I'm gonna push the class so hard they won't come back!! Lol. This creation is made from 12" square card and paper and takes just over a sheet of each. The version we made in class was much plainer and began as a 6"square. If you want to see them they're on Cleo crafts blog page. Instructions can be found at If you go to the drop down tab 'the desk' and scroll way down you'll find them. Lots of other ideas there to inspired you.
This one will go to my lovely mum with the fuschia card and I'll have to find something to put in the basket too.

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  1. This is so pretty Joy, your Mum will love it! Sarah x