Sunday, 3 February 2013

Just ok!

Ok, so time to play catch up. Well at the beginning of December my beloved step dad was admitted to hospital with a very poorly leg and to cut a long story short there were a few weeks when I didn't get back to my own home. Mum doesn't drive and being the only family member in the same country I had the bulk of the driving for hospital runs to do. He got home on the Tuesday before Christmas but was still housebound with nurses coming in to change dressings daily. I'm happy to say his leg is healing wonderfully well and it is possible he may not need the plastic surgery we once thought he would.

So, you would think things got back to normal? We were just getting back into routine when my poor hubby got a call from his family in Scotland to say his sister had been rushed to hospital, had been put into a coma and was seriously ill! We were completely shocked and he planned to go visit her only to have the plans ruined by snowfall both sides of the Irish Sea. So the trip was off but nerves were raw. We have been amazed by Gods hand in the situation because,although progress is slow,she is wide awake and improving steadily. She had suffered a stroke at 47 years of age. She still has a lot of recovery to go but is working hard.

Then for the final piece of news, and the craft shop in which I worked and taught my classes closed its doors on 26th Jan but I had a new 'one off' class in the Arches Centre, Randalstown. This is a new class for their programme and a kind of trial to see if it would be feasible. I'm happy to say feed back has been good and I may be invited back to do some more. I'm super excited for what the future holds and want to take this opportunity to try mew techniques and challenges. 

Anyhow this was one of the cards we did at some stage from the beginning of December.  I will be adding the others over the next few days and then you never know what I'll be up to...

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to explain my absence. Hope I'm forgiven.

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