Friday, 17 May 2013

My first tutorial!

I've had some requests for a tutorial about how I made my step out card with the Camden bus on it. Now I've never written one before so I hope it's ok. If you see any glaring omissions or problems please let me know and I will try to fix it!

Below are the dimensions for the card and where to cut and fold. I've used A4 for this one but the original was resized a bit smaller.
In this pic you can see where I've cut the card and made my valley and mountain folds.
Turn the card over and adhere strong tape to each end as shown.

Here you can see that I've attached one end to my base card. The remainder is plopped forward out of the way. The base card is a whole A4 sheet folded in the middle.

And here it is again, completely attached.

It's up to you how you decorate the pages but a few tips... If you're using A4 paper to add layers you will probably need two the same unless you're very careful cutting the shapes. I just went ahead and cur rectangles for the ends then trimmed out the central bit before I realised this then left me short for the middle section. ( hope you understand what I mean, it's hard to explain!) . Also for the main middle piece it's best to have two separate toppers either side  of the centre fold. I didn't and when I tried to fold my card it wrinkled up.
Well give it a try and be sure to send me a photo of your cards when they're done. :)

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