Monday, 9 September 2013

A mouse in the house!!?

Yes! We've got mice!!! Can you believe it! These little critters have caused absolute chaos in our house over the past couple of weeks! The family are threatening to stage a walk out because they say I've forgotten to feed them! (As if I would!)  These are the Makey Bakey mice from the upcoming release by Crafters Companion. They are simply adorable (says she who hates the real thing). This card was made using just one mini kit from the everyday CD and try as I might to use it all, I had loads left over! 
It was great fun (?) cutting out the wee mice. I could quite understand why the farmers wife cut off their tails! Lol. I think I've got another favourite Cd now!! Come back and see what all the excitement is about. There'll be lots more! .... Maybe I did forget to cook dinner....?

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